Guys, I don’t know what’s happened to me.

I fucking hate kids, I hate children, I hate pregnant women, and I hate hospitals.

But I’m the only person with an iota of care for my sister, and have actually researched the subject—c-sections are not “just skip in, have baby without pain, skip out”, and inducing labor is not helpful. I’ve literally dug through mountains of full-bore scientific info on the subject.

And guys, I’m going to have to help my sister have a natural birth. I’m probably going to have to wave off doctors wanting to “just section her” and nurses who’d like to give her an epidural.

She wants a natural birth, and everyone has basically just nodded at her and gone “oohhh you’ll change your miiind” the same fucking way that they do with me when I say “I don’t want kids.”

This makes me angry.

I’m currently looking up tips for how to get her through labor and have a baby naturally, as well as how to shoo away hospital staff that want to intervene with scalpels and drugs. I don’t even know if they’ll try to strap her on her back to the bed or not.